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Who am I?

I have experience in teaching students from 15+ countries, including India, the UK, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and most of the Middle East countries. This helped me to know the languages from a wider perspective which enhanced my knowledge of how to teach a foreign language to a person for both academic and professional purposes.

I am a very passionate teacher who loves to teach students from different parts of the world so that we would be able to exchange our cultures, thoughts, and the language utterances, which would, in turn, help us to learn the language most effectively.

What do I like to talk about?

I personally love to talk about the cultures that I was exposed to and the differences in English utterances, thereby helping my students to correct their mistakes in their pronunciation and helping them to learn the language more effortlessly.

How are my classes?

My classes are usually one-to-one sessions in order to understand the needs of every student to provide only the essentials. It’s usually more interactive, and I love to encourage my students to speak up so that they can really use the language and could develop their confidence in using the language.